For users of :
Canoes, Kayaks, Inner tubes on
Arkansas waterways

Glass containers are prohibited.

LAW: Except for containers for substances prescribed by a licensed physician, no person shall possess or use glass containers within the banks of Arkansas' navigable waterways, within a vessel. (For purposes of this act "vessel" shall not include houseboat, party barge, johnboat, runabout, ski boat, bass boat or similar craft not easily susceptible to swamping, tipping or rolling.)

Fasten cooler lids.
LAW: All persons entering, traveling upon, or otherwise using Arkansas' navigable waterways by canoe, kayak, inner tube or other vessel easily susceptible to swamping, tipping, rolling or otherwise discharging its contents into a waterway, and transporting a cooler, icebox or container for foodstuffs and beverages shall assure that the container is made to seal or lock in the contents to prevent the contents from spilling into the water.


Attach and use a mesh litter bag.
LAW: Carry and affix to the vessel, a container or bag suitable for containing refuse, waste and trash materials and capable of being securely closed. The container or bag shall be of mesh construction. Transport all refuse, waste and trash to a place where the materials may be safely and lawfully disposed of. A container shall not be required for those persons traveling without foodstuffs or beverages.

Use a floating holder for beverages.
LAW: At all times other than when a beverage is securely contained as in a cooler or litter bag, keep the beverage attached to or held within a floating holder or other device designed to prevent the beverage from sinking beneath the surface of the ,waterway.

Penalties: A violation of Act 803 shall be a misdemeanor and each violation may be prosecuted as a separate offense. Each violation shall be punishable by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars ($500). Effective August 13, 2001 and thereafter.